A little about Dynamic City

Dynamic City a sibling run business of my two brothers Nathaniel “Nate” Serrano, Dominic “Dom” Serrano and myself Danielle “Dee” Serrano. We opened up shop on Black Friday 2009 as a Skate Shop. Followed w/ opening a sister boutique focusing on apparel/accessories for men and women in the small bedside community of Hercules, CA ….an attempt to build a sense of community and outlet for the local suburban youth as well as succeed as the city’s first clothing/hard goods retail during a time when the city seem to be evolving and on the brink of potential growth. Due to unfortunate “shaddiness” new previously entitlements had lapsed including where our storefronts were located. The Markethall, New Town Center and projections were cut as a loss. Within the city many stores including Dynamic City were forced to an unannounced closure in the summer of 2011. Although we still had the Waterfront Brick and mortar  it was decided to close due to the lack of certainty of once promised projections including a planned to be (ferry port) transit-oriented, mixed-use, traditional neighborhood project. Rather than looking for new locations Dynamic City decided to take the bittersweet blessing in disguise as life was transitioning for us young entrepreneurs. We decided to continue learning on other platforms. Finding individual focus including  School,work,internships, community service and club sports, though my brothers have different focuses we will always be a family business living “The Dynamic Life”.

I myself  took a step back to learn, work and observe through our other family businesses. Mean while  continuing to work on my entrepreneurship. I’ve been focusing on pop-up shops/events/collaboration projects throughout the SF Bay area as well as attending workshops,trade shows, and networking events to not only stay relevant but to continue to educate and rebrand with a larger focus on “The Undefined Collection” Which includes our blended style of Street Chic, Women’s apparel and beauty as well as personal/fashion styling services. Stay tuned and I would like to Thank our old and newer customers, family and friends for their continued support …

Danielle Villa Serrano
~Style Aficionado

instagram: @dynamiccity @dee1ofone

facebook: facebook.com/letter4

email: DynamiCity.4@gmail.com


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