Feel good in your clothes, feel good in life

Health has a huge impact on “Dynamic Living” We at Dynamic City are not medical specialists and far from the perfect diet/excersize plan, but we do pick and choose our battles. We “listen” to our bodies. After all that being said we know that life is about the choices we make.

5 Quick Dynamic tips for better Health

1. Efficient Sleep and Stress control are condusive to preventative care for common and major health issues.
2. Avoid eating/drinking out of Plastic. Plastic materials commonly contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) a hormone like chemical that can seap out of plastic wear and into your blood stream,especially when heated.
3. Try choosing a meal each day that you completely rid your plate of animal products including dairy. Meat is a very concentrated source of calories and fat — so cutting out animal products for just one meal per day can help reduce your fat intake.
4. Cut down/out Caffeine. Naturally decaffienated Tea and a hard boiled egg in the morning may not be the same as a Cup of Joe but can give you the energy boost w/ out the crash.

5. Keep it moving! Excercise is not important just for weightloss but for healthy running on your body. Start simple as taking the stairs or heck do some jumping jacks during commercials, lol!The more you move your body the more you can live a “Dynamic Life”

Please look into these statements for more factual info/studies and to further your health awareness. We wish you happiness, health and a life of style!

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